Stay at home and throw Together Burritos (Bowl And Wrap)!

Burritos, both in their bowl and wrap forms, are the most frugal food. A mix of rice and beans, with some green leaves if you feel like it and relatively available toppings like salsa and guacamole (easily homemade). These are a great way to use leftover rice though, making for a delicious and filling me that goes the distance.

In the classic recipe, the filling is a rich and tasty pan-fried chicken breast with peppers, onion, chili pepper, tomatoes and spices. a generously stuffed and rolled tortilla, an excellent take away meal.

There can be many interpretations based on your personal taste, the season or what we have in the fridge and pantry. Moreover, versatility is the secret of the success of this preparation, loved so much in Italy also because it reminds of a rolled piadina. Just remember that two ingredients can never be missing: aromas, like that of spices and aromatic herbs, and something creamy that can amalgamate the filling in an even more seductive and captivating way. You can use cheese or a sauce, an important part of the Mexican culinary heritage. Are you looking for inspiration to bring an ever new recipe to the table? Here are 10 ideas for burritos with 10 fillings for you for mouth-watering!


1. Chili with meat: another famous Tex-Mex recipe, perfect for stuffing our tortilla because the sauce is really inviting. Chili con carne is nothing but a stew of ground beef and red beans, slowly cooked with tomato pulp, onion, garlic, pepper, a pinch of chilli and cumin. In order to stuff the burrito it is necessary to thicken the sauce a bit otherwise you risk getting dirty at the first bite. To complete the filling, don’t forget to grate the fontina cheese and add a spoonful of corn kernels and one of sour cream. If you are afraid it is not satisfying enough, know that there are those who do not give up on enriching the recipe with rice.


 2. Chicken with yogurt sauce: if you like the classic recipe but want to try something different, maybe fresher and summery, let the chicken breast cut into strips with lime juice, thyme and a pinch of fresh ginger marinate. Keep it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to flavor the meat. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce by mixing Greek yogurt, chives, oil and season with salt and pepper. You can also opt for a light yogurt mayonnaise. Finally, sauté the chicken and stuff the tortilla with the chicken, the yoghurt cream, tomatoes, diced red onion and a lettuce leaf.


3. Omelette: breakfast burrito is one of the most popular recipes on the west coast of the United States when it comes to brunch. This specialty is characterized by many different interpretations, united by the presence of the typical ingredients of the Anglo-Saxon breakfast: eggs, bacon or sausage. To bring this burrito closer to Italian taste, we suggest you prepare an omelette (or recycle the one left from the day before) and cut it into strips. At this point you can stuff the tortilla by adding a slice of cooked ham, mustard or mayonnaise, grilled zucchini or blanched asparagus. For a gourmet recipe you can offer a tasty onion jam as a sauce. For a more international flavor, however, do not forget how good the flavor of the egg is with guacamole.


4. Roast beef and potatoes: don’t you want to give up the flavors of Sunday lunch but, at the same time, you are looking for something quick and practical, perhaps to savor on the beach after a good swim? So prepare yourself a very special burrito. Like? Boil the potatoes, coarsely mash them and season with oil, salt and pepper. Stuff the tortilla with a few slices of roast beef, potatoes, a spoonful of robiola flavored with fresh thyme or pesto. If you love strong flavors we recommend adding some capers or a pungent horseradish mayonnaise.


5. Salmon and avocado: tortilla is also excellent with fish. Maybe a tasty ingredient like salmon. You can use it raw but we prefer to scald it in a pan and perfume it with a pinch of ginger and mint. Add a spoonful of Philadelphia-type spread cheese, salad, onion and diced tomatoes to the burrito and … the perfect patner for any salmon, avocado. You can use it in a guacamole-like sauce or cut it into chunks. In this case, remember to sprinkle it with lemon juice so as not to blacken it. For a hot burrito add a few drops of tabasco or sriracha, a very spicy sauce of oriental origin.


6. Tuna pate: another very interesting fish when it comes to burrito. For a quick and easy recipe, our advice is to use the subsoil tuna to create a delicious paté with potatoes and capers. So it will be a moment to stuff the tortilla. Enrich it all with Tropea onion, tomatoes and diced cucumber, salad and, in order not to miss anything, a spoonful of mayonnaise or sour cream. If it seems too light as a meal, you can add basmati rice or cannellini beans sautéed with a pinch of sweet paprika.
7. Grilled vegetables and hummus: can you create excellent burritos with vegetable ingredients? Absolutely yes. For example, try grilling your favorite vegetables: courgettes, aubergines, peppers, carrots, onion, squash, asparagus, tomatoes, leeks, radicchio, Belgian endive, artichokes, fennel. In the meantime, cook the barley and season it with the fragrant basil pesto. At this point you just have to assemble your meal by stuffing the tortilla with vegetables, barley, a generous spoonful of chickpea hummus and pieces of mozzarella. For an even more aromatic and enveloping flavor, you can add fresh leaves of basil, mint or marjoram.
8. Greek burritos: l’insalata greca è ormai uno dei piatti più amati nell’estate italiana. Perché allora non renderla protagonista di fusion burrito, in grado di mescolare le tradizioni di vari paesi in modo davvero sfizioso? Tra l’altro bastano solo 10 minuti per portare in tavola questa prelibatezza quindi mettiamoci subito all’opera. Lavate, pulite e tagliate le verdure ovvero pomodori, cipolla, cetrioli, peperoni e una foglia di insalata. Rispetto alla ricetta classica cercate di ottenere dei pezzi piccoli, più facili da gestire quando sarà il momento di chiudere la tortilla. Versate in una ciotola, aggiungete le olive nere denocciolate, la feta sbriciolata, origano e infine condite semplicemente con un filo d’olio. Riempite la tortilla con la ricca insalata e un cucchiaio di aromatica salsa tzatziki. Facile, no?
9. Vegan with lime-flavored rice: the Greek burrito can also be prepared in a vegan version by replacing the tzatziki with chickpea hummus and eliminating the feta. But if you are looking for a different recipe, prepare basmati rice and season it with lime juice. In the meantime, cook the black beans with a clove of garlic, onion and bay leaf. Once cooked, blend them with some of the cooking liquid and finally sauté them in a pan for a few minutes with a sauté of onion, cumin and lime juice. The consistency must be that of a firm cream. Well, we are ready to compose our burrito. Place a lettuce leaf and add a spoonful of rice, one of beans, diced tomatoes, chopped onion, a few pieces of tofu and avocado sprinkled with lime. To give an even more citrusy touch you can add a few fresh coriander leaves.
10. Banana and chocolate: who said that this Tex-Mex recipe cannot also be an excellent dessert? Sauté the banana cut into pieces with brown sugar and a little butter. Optional: a drop of rum. When the fruit is well caramelized, turn off the heat and set aside. Sprinkle the tortilla with plenty of chocolate spread. Nutella is also good if you are passionate. Add the banana morsels, sprinkle with chopped walnuts, mint leaves and drops of dark chocolate and serve with a tuft of whipped cream, which never hurts!